Don’t incite your followers to violence – Group to NPP

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The campaign manager of the NPP, Peter Mac Manu, has advised President John Mahama to be guided by the election violence that occurred in Ivory Coast to accept defeat

Policy think tank, Strategic Thinkers Network (STRANEK), has cautioned politicians against inciting their followers to violence in their bid to attain political power.

STRANEK said comment made by the Campaign Manager of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr Peter Mac Manu to the effect that President Mahama should not attempt to hang on to power if he loses the elections.

Mr Peter Mac Manu advised Mahama to be guided by the election violence that occurred in Ivory Coast to accept defeat without any hesitation if he loses, to guarantee peace in Ghana.

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He assured supporters of the party troubled over concerns that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) may rig the election or may not hand over power after defeat, to discount such concerns since the NPP will not allow that to happen.

But a statement released by Nii Tettey Tetteh and Charles Kwadade, both Executive Directors of STRANEK on Monday October 31 stated that: “His (Mac Manu) violence-breeding comments send a very bad signal to the electorate and Strategic Thinkers Network (STRANEK) deems it fit to ask him to stop breeding tension per his reckless statements. Comments so far from the NPP for the past weeks have been very carefree which have sent a negative signal about them to the electorate as an intolerant militant party. The statements from the NPP including their flag bearer who should know better as December 7, 2016 is drawing nigh, have either been bigotry, violent or tension-breeding.”

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The statement added that: “Ghana is bigger than anyone and most Ghanaians will not like to support a party that plants a seed of violence in the atmosphere per their actions and comments. For that matter, STRANEK advises the NPP to engage in clean campaign in their own interest. December 7, 2016 should not be a do or die affair. The ultimate consideration should be Ghana and keep Ghana. We hope NPP will call their members making such deviant comments to order and restrategise their campaign with respect to statements being made. Again, we hope NPP will put Ghana first rather than their party and clean their power-at-all-cost mentality if indeed they want to win this elections.”