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Residents of Kpone in the Greater Accra Region lives are in danger, following hazardous fumes from heavy industries swallowing the community. This has drawn the attention of and , members of the SUNSHINE Media group to the community to assess the situation.
KPONE is a community which lies at the south eastern part of the greater Accra region of the geographical map of Ghana, with a population of 106,398 with a total number of 24,800 which represents 4.0 persons per household according to the 2010 population census.
With the same arimetrics, children constitute the largest proportion of household accounting for 38.4%. About 42% out of the total account is married with the ages of 12 and older.
A large percentage out of the population are into agricultural business,  but now, heavy industries are enveloping the residential area with industrial activities which has put most residents lives at risk of hazardous sickness like respiratory infection.
beside that them invasion of the heavy industries has collapsed the agricultural business which most people of KPONE depends on.
The town is engulfed by Industries like power producing industries, steel manufacturing industries, oil storage and refinery plants, gold recovery plants and many more.
This has made most people in the community mostly the youth been jobless,  although there are large number of industries surrounded the community, but, educational competency is also a deficiency among the people of of the fishing community to be employed by these companies.
A visit to the area expose the illegal activities of the youth who have virtually turn gamblers and smoking leaves believed to be Indians herbs as a result of high rate of unemployment among the youth which has led to upspring of  cubicles commonly called ghettoes.
Information revealed that there are about 21 ghettos with about 20 to 25 members meeting at each ghetto daily.
Speaking to Sunshine Media country representative to Ghana Danso Abiam,  some of these ghetto boys said;
” we no jobs, the only job we here is fishing and farming, but now when we go to fishing we don’t catch and our farming lands too is given to industries, so we only comes here and entertain ourselves”
Some elders of the community also expressed their disappointment in these companies for not helping the community with jobs upon all the vast release of their lands to them.
Many people also complain about health implications which fumes from some of the industries has brought to them.
Some of the residents pleaded to the government to come to their aid and see how best the people of the community can rightfully benefits from their ancestral properties left behind for the future of KPONE
Story by: Danso Abiam