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A Ghanaian player plying his trade abroad has been accused by girlfriend for ditching her as a result of being wealthy now despite her playing a huge role in the player’s career development.

The broken-hearted lady, who gave her name as Nana Ama has made scathing revelations about how she supported financially ‘’R.S’’ with the little she had for him to get a better career only for the former Black Stars to turn his back on her when she needs him most.

According to her, the player was financially stricken but she believed in him and did all she could to make him a success.

She personally took care of him, providing most needs to the extent of aiding him with a substantial amount of moncey to travel abroad to sign a contract.

 “I don’t want to call out his name but his initials are R. S. and we stayed together for three years,” the lady told Asempa Sports.

“We were planning to get married but things didn’t go the way we expected. I met him before we went for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

“When he left the shores of the country to South Africa, he was encountering some problems so he had to return home.

“When he met me I was working with a lawyer and he used me. I took care of him because he was not having anything and some of his friends are witnesses to the situation.

“When the player returned back home, things were difficult for him because the team he was playing in the local was not paying him regularly so I was using my monthly salary to take care of him and his family members are aware of that.

“I will not let him go scot free because the way and manner he dumped me was not fair. I lost my job because of him and during those difficult times he left me.

The lady went ahead to explain that she had lost her job as a result of this unfortunate happenings.

 “After I lost my job, he had then signed a professional contract so I told him to get me some money so I can set up my own business but he  told me he has nothing for me and the only money he was able to send me was GHC300,” she said painfully.

“He has been very wicked to me because before he even had the chance to play for the Black Stars, I had to go out to beg some coaches and GFA officials with his video so they call him up.

“When he had the contract I had to go and withdraw an amount of GHC8, 000 from my account to help him sort out his things before he leaves the country and with what he has done, I am determined to disturb him even if he gets married.” She added.

The identity of the player is unknown but you can always take a will guess.