Prostitute turned pastor reveals: “I destroyed men, drugged my son with weed for sex”

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A prostitute turned pastor has revealed how she used to drug her little son to make him sleep for long hours so she could get time to go out at night for her sex work.

The Kenyan woman identified as Jane Watiri said her prostitution was neither necessarily because she wanted to make money nor because she loved to have sex.

She explained that her main aim was to “destroy” men in revenge for a heartbreak she had suffered at the hands of her first husband.

She said: “I was not the average prostitute. I was quite dangerous. I used to steal from my clients. I would carry everything; clothes, shoes, phones, keys and even wedding rings which I sold for Sh 3,000 in Eastleigh. I used to really mess up those men.

“I had some friends who would take me out to clubs and reggae nights when I was 14.”

Pastor reveals: “I destroyed men, drugged my son with weed for sex”

The pastor who used to practice her prostitution at Koinange Street, red-light-district in the East African country recalled how she was arrested and jailed for loitering at Lang’ata Women’s Prison for a month, when she was only 16 years old.

After the jail term, she got married to a man who had impregnated her. However, she said: “One day, he left me for an older woman and there I was, 17 years old, with a baby boy, no education and no job. I was very angry.”

I wanted to hurt men the way the father of my child did to me,” she said adding: Bitterness and unforgiveness can really destroy your life.”

Pastor reveals: “I destroyed men, drugged my son with weed for sex”
The female pastor said her mother was obviously unhappy about her involvement in sex work, but she was not bothered.
She drugged men and made away with their monies and other belongings.While she was being callous towards every man she came across just because of the pain she was subjected to by her first love, she was equally changing her looks frequently so they would not recognize her in future.
Comparing the state of prostitution in Kenya now to what it was in the past, Jane Watiri said: “In our days we did not have what people today call mchele. That was the surest way of drugging your client.”