Some MPs are simply not working, says Ablekuma West MP

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Outspoken MP (NPP) for Ablekuma West, Ursula Owusu-Ekufful, says some of her colleagues in Parliament are mere spectators and are not effectively discharging their mandate.

Very much aware she could incur the wrath of her colleagues; the Ablekuma West MP said she was not impressed when she entered the House.

“Quite a number of people there – and I’m sure my colleagues will murder me when I say this, but yes I will – are just along for the ride and we could be doing so much more than we are doing.

“A fair number of them are working, some aren’t working. There are some who have never spoken during their entire time [in the House] and there are some who just make up the numbers”, she added.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Personality Profile show Thursday, Mrs Owusu- Ekufful said the quality and calibre of MPs reflects the society generally.

Commenting on widespread complaints that some MPs tend to be clueless and shallow, the New Patriotic Party MP said that may be the case for the Ghanaian society.

“MPs are products of the society and so if they goof, then it may be the case that we as a society, goof badly,” she stated.

Mrs Owusu-Ekufful believes Parliament must assert its authority.

She also questioned why several people are eager to become parliamentarians.

“I don’t know why people kill themselves and spend a lot of money to get there. It is just an avenue to serve, if you want to work, yes there is a lot of work there”.

Greater Accra Chairman of the National Democratic Congress , Ade Coker says he does not understand why all of a sudden people are rushing to enter parliament.

He wonders if it has to do with the high rate of unemployment in the country.

These people in his view see parliament as an avenue to develop their careers.

The governing NDC opened nominations for its Parliamentary primaries in November this there is a scramble for the nomination forms.

Many, particularly young people, are picking the nominations to contest in the November 7 primaries.