Forget About Bolga Bull Dogs, They Do Not Exist

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It’s been shocking how much we have followed the activities of the self acclaimed Bolga Bull Dogs lately in our NPP. Sometimes, we ask our comrades and ourselves, who makes up this group? Where are they from and what is the mission behind this group?

It’s unfortunate many have tagged this group as a Pro-NPP, but, honestly, it’s a mirage, a deceit, really untrue, unrecognized and certainly not known within the NPP upper East chapter.

As a group, we wish to show much concern in issues of this nature, because we believe every actions of this unrecognized wing in our party would affect us as a party. In that order, we can’t sit ajar and watch such deceitful or this unrecognized wing to be making claims or public outburst in the name of the NPP.

We therefore want all of us in the Npp in the media and every avenue to know that, we have never had such group in our party and every actions, reactions or public appearance they make, they do that under their own motivation and interest, but, not that of the NPP.

We always haven’t known their composition in the NPP upper Region, we don’t even know any of their members in our party and we believe they might have a Secret agenda against the NPP and it’s imperative of us to unite as a Youth group to rejevt this unrecognized group, claiming to be with us in the NPP.

With this vision, we want to state clearly that all forms of activities, public appearance, media outburst are meant to serve their interest and not that of the NPP or anybody in the NPP.

We also want you all to know that, the entire Youth in the upper East region do not share in any of their activities and we also wouldn’t take any responsibility for their actions or inaction.

We learned with great shock when their released a statement to rebut or question the Council of Elders call of Mr. Afoko to be be suspended. We were indeed shocked because, a suspended Afoko would serve the party well and we least expected them to say the Npp would spell doom for itself in the three northern regions if Afoko is suspended.

But, contrary, We wish to let them know that Afoko has caused the party more harm than good in the three northern regions and northerners would largely be with the Npp because of the believe we have in Nana Addo

We also want the party- upper East regional to further publicly reject this unrecognized group before they bring us much problems than what they have brought to us as a party or a regional branch.