If you have to make the blood of,” own mother away

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He said to have forced his children to remove the body of the mother. He accused the son of fact: the murder trial against Siegfried C. is renegotiated. Now his life is danger.


He wanted his wife only to show the gun. That said Siegfried C. the police after he had placed himself in November 2012 at a Munich office. He wanted to make her just a little scared when he visited her in the Catholic Church Holy Family. She was the mother of his ten children, the devout Christian, who worked as a sacristan in the church in Braunlage. She had told him recently that she wanted a divorce. How could she do this to him? And then a shot was released. Somehow.

Horror began to spread after the corpse of 48-year-old sexton and parish council chairman Elke C. was found on November 17, 2012 in the basement of the church. She had a gunshot wound to the back of the head.

All attempts by the now 56-year-old Siegfried C. to have the responsibility for the death of his wife by himself, have failed. The version of the accident is as important as the well perfidious defense strategy that a father can do to his son.

Siegfried C. (M.) is brought on 18 January 2016 a wheelchair in the district court in Braunschweig. Since Thursday, he is with serious burns in the ICU. He has probably cleaner swallowed © dpa Siegfried C. (M.) is brought on 18 January 2016 a wheelchair in the district court in Braunschweig. Since Thursday, he is with serious burns in the ICU. He probably has swallowed cleaning supplies
The mother had taken the son of faith
During the hearing before the Landgericht Braunschweig in summer 2013, the accused by the chief physician of the Clinic for Forensic Psychiatry in Bad Zwischenahn left a handwritten text aloud, in which he described the sequence of events from his perspective. After that it had not in fact been an accident, but deliberate killing. But the culprit was not Siegfried C., but his own son.

Elke C. myself have driven the then 20-year-olds to fact. They have marginalized him. She was to blame for his suicide attempts. They’ve taken him to the faith. The son did the father torn on that day the gun out of his hand, had fallen into the sacristy and had shot the mother.

Siegfried C. have taken the blame only out of consideration for the son. Now, in court, he wanted to tell the truth, because he could no longer agree on everything other with his Christian conscience.

They laid an altar boy robes on the body
The son was in custody, the police investigated against him. The suspicions were not harden. “My father shot my mother,” he told a fellow prisoner. He and his then twelve year old sister would need help to eliminate the body. They had to wipe up the blood of the mother. The body they had covered with a altar boy robes.

In August 2013, the Landgericht Braunschweig Siegfried C. sentenced to life imprisonment. Former government officials have committed the offense, so the reasoning, because his wife had filed for divorce. The man, who suffered for some time with psychosis, should also have added using his unsuspecting daughter tea his wife with medication. Your associated health damage should give it a chance again to gain access to the family. Elke C. had separated from the violent man years earlier.

In June 2014, the Federal Court ruled in Leipzig to hear the case again. The prosecution had lodged an appeal. There is some evidence that suggests that a particular degree of fault is present. For several days, the murder of the sexton is again the subject of negotiations before the Landgericht Braunschweig. If the defendant the severity of the fault detected, an early release from prison after 15 years is impossible.

Did he want to delay the proceedings?
The negotiations so far had to because of health problems of the accused, who is in a wheelchair in the courtroom, be repeatedly interrupted. As the doctor of the prison Wolfenbüttel confirmed he suffers from severe pain and a hernia.

On Thursday now the presiding judge announced that Siegfried C. was transferred from the prison Wolfenbüttel to the ICU of the hospital Wolfenbüttel. Presumably he has taken to be cleaner. His esophagus and his stomach are corrosive. In addition, the toxic substances have caused pneumonia with him.

Siegfried C. apparently in mortal danger. Did he commit suicide? Did he only delay the negotiations? Siegfried C. to the cleaners have swallowed the exact moment when a doctor was nearby.

Whatever was the reason for his actions. For the children of Elke and Siegfried C. It is another piece of a never-ending family drama.

That the father the son and daughter should have used it to hide the body of the mother, would be a major reason why, to demonstrate to him the special weight of the debt. In addition, the fact that he stood during the act under probation. He was convicted of abuse of a disabled daughter.

The children were afraid for their lives
The extent to which children have suffered from the Father, of which testify the words with which the now 23-year-old son reported in these days before the Braunschweig Regional Court of the events in November 2012, not least. He tells of the flight to which the father and his sister had taken after the fact.

They were driven to Austria. The children had been afraid of his father. “We could not judge on the journey and realize what happens now with us,” he says, “if we would survive.” He was so relieved when her father finally turned to the police in Munich.

He had been in psychiatric treatment for years. His sister was severely traumatized. She now lives in a home. They have “a great protective wall” around built up. “It tears your heart out,” he says, “if you have to rid the blood of your own mother.