Orphanage Home Eulerstraße in Düsseldorf after Children abuse the security enhanced

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The alleged abuse case in municipal child care center at the Eulerstraße beats on high waves.
On Friday, the city announced EXPRESS opposite to reinforce the security in the center. At night, an additional employee in the building will be to keep an eye on the extensive grounds on the day of an additional employee.
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Two refugees arrested girls in child care center abuse
Twelve-year-old sexually abused
Last Saturday are two claims to have a 15 year old refugee girl of twelve in the children’s aid center sexually abused. In the specific case now determined prosecutors.
It is not the first incident at the facility. Some time ago, a young refugee is supposed to have taken a girl to her bosom. However, there were contradictory statements, so that the case was not brought to the display.
Prohibited all sexual contacts in the support center
There was also in the history of the Help Centre again even sexual assaults and contacts among local children. According to house rules all sexual contacts in the support center are prohibited.
49 refugee minors in the center
The affected girls was moved from the children’s help center. The young refugees to be relatively quickly installed in a facility of the DRC at the Ludwig-Beck-Straße.
A total of 49 minor refugees currently living in the Help Center, in total there are 65 residents. Including 26 girls.