EC must be allowed to do its work: NDC defends Commission’s Steering Committee

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The governing NDC has defended the Electoral Commission’s (EC) decision to set up a Steering Committee insisting the law grants the Commission an independent status.
The party’s National Organiser, Kofi Adam, says it is satisfied with the explanation given by the EC. The Commission has said the 18-member committee comprises of representatives of institutions whose services will be needed before and on election day Nov, 7.
The Committee includes representatives from the Ghana Education Service (GES), National Service Scheme (NSS), the Police Service as well as the National Peace Council.
The New Patriotic Party (NPP) and other opposition parties have called for what they said is a bias Committee, scrapped.
NPP’s Deputy General Secretary, Nana Obiri Boahen, has condemned the Committee describing its creation as “baseless, needless and useless”.
The Party has pointed out three members of the Committee who are NDC members leading to the withdrawal of one member of the committee, Dr. Karl Mark Arhin.
Arhin is a former NDC Deputy International Relations Director.
Nana Obiri Boahen alleged that the Committee is nothing more than an “appendage of the NDC campaign team.”
The continuous existence of the Steering Committee exposes the EC to public ridicule, he chastised the Commission.
However, Kofi Adams, has expressed disappointment that the NPP would malign the Electoral Commission and accuse the Commission of working for the governing NDC, an allegation he described as “useless”.
Kofi Adams believes a more responsible way to raise questions about the decision of the EC would be at the Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC), where Parties meet to discuss electoral concerns.
The NDC, Kofi Adams said, have no qualms with the decision of the EC.
“If the Electoral Commission decides that this is the way it will go about its work, it is not for me to say whether they are right or wrong” he said.
The EC, he said, needs the services of the Police, Military and volunteers from the GES and NSS for the upcoming polls.
Forming a committee to put these bodies to word in concert with the EC cannot be difficult to accept, Kofi Adams suggested.
Adams further discounted an argument put forth by the NPP that the EC has functioned in past elections without a Steering Committee.
The EC, Adams argued, also functioned without IPAC nonetheless the Committee was formed to compliment the efforts of the EC.
He stressed the NDC did not submit the name of any party member to the Steering Committee.