Charlotte Osei tells Turkish agency to seek legal remedy over plagiarism claims

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Chairperson of the Electoral Commission Charlotte Osei has rejected claims that it has plagiarized the logo of a Turkish educational institute, Yedi Sistem.

She hinted that the institute is free to assert its “rights under the law” if it feels its artistic work has been plagiarized.

The new logo stirred controversy especially on a social media after pictures of a similar logo popped up.

While the Turkish logo has a white background inside the circle, that of the Electoral Commission has blue. There are at least four discernible differences between the two logos.

Responding to the claims that EC simply plagiarised the logo of the Turkish agency, Charlotte Osei maintained “we don’t feel we have plagiarized their logo”.

“I don’t think it looks like mine. I like mine better”, the Chairperson continued.

Charlotte Osei also rejected suggestions the EC should have publicly invited graphic designers to submit designs before settling on one logo.

“It is not just about putting colours together…a logo is not just an artistic competition,” she maintained.