We won’t allow Ghana to be plunged into lawlessness – IGP

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) says the police administration will not sit by while the country degenerates into lawlessness.

Mr David Asante Apeatu said the police will deal with all “social deviants” who perpetuate “cowardly” acts of impunity.

Speaking at the National Police Command Conference in Kumasi Thursday, the police boss said lawless people who claim to be members of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) will not be allowed to hold Ghana to ransom.

“Why have we degenerated in our culture and tradition to such low levels in the era of our democracy where the rule of law and human dignity is supposed to be enhanced?” Mr Apeatu lamented.

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“Such acts of impunity and lawlessness can no longer be condoned,” he told the gathering of police officers and government officials.

Some Delta Force members at the Kumasi Circuit Court 2 after assaulting Mr Agyei

There have been pockets of political violence and acts of lawlessness in some parts of the country.

After the 2016 election results were announced, some militant groups affiliated to the NPP have engaged in acts of impunity all in the name of protecting party interest. The Invincible and Delta Forces, both NPP vigilante groups, have assaulted persons purported to be members of the past National Democratic Congress (NDC) government.

There have also been attacks on members of the NPP with that of the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator, George Agyei by members of the Delta Force causing outrage. Some 13 persons are currently standing trial in respect of that attack.

The Late Const. Micheal Kporyi
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Three weeks later, a police officer, Constable Michael Kporyi who was on a patrol duty was shot by unidentified attackers at Michel Camp in Accra.

Being the head of the main law enforcement agency, the IGP said the police will not hesitate to deal with law breakers.

The death of the two security officers, Mr Apeatu said has “offended the collective conscience of the Ghanaian people.”

“Why do we have to kill the very people who swear to protect us?” he quizzed, charging police officers to take charge of the country.

“In fact, the death of any single Ghanaian on the platform of lawlessness is one too many. Dear commanders, I charge all of you to have as your mantra, ‘zero tolerance for impunity’” the police boss said.