Löw makes it clear: “It needs profound changes” – coach decision next week

After the historic preliminary round-out at the World Cup in Russia, the mood in the DFB team is at a low. Jerome Boateng even apologized in an open letter to the fans. Both the future of national coach Joachim Loew and some of the well-established national team is in the stars. While DFB President Reinhard Grindel resolutely rejected a quick shot in the Personalie Löw, the DFB veterans think not of a resignation.
One day after the embarrassing preliminary round-out at the World Cup in Russia, the German national team left the World Cup quarter Watutinki and landed in Frankfurt with just over an hour late. Immediately after the arrival, the responsible persons also made themselves known to the media representatives.Oliver Bierhoff (DFB-Manager): “The dismay and the shock is still deep, there is a great bitterness and disappointment, we know that it was up to us, we have to analyze that badly now, we’re looking to end it We also talked to players last night. ”

Manuel Neuer (captain): “I think it was everyone with the thoughts in. Of course the word anger plays a role, we know that we are the protagonists who did not put it on the pitch and we have As a player, we have the responsibility to do that, we have to blame ourselves and the criticism we have to live in. We were very well prepared for the games, but we did not put it on the pitch, which makes us incredibly sorry, especially for those who have cheered us on. ”

Jogi Löw (Germany coach): “The pain and the disappointment are still holding me in. The team did not show what the team is capable of, we are very sad, also because of the fans, of course I am in charge and I have to question myself But I will need a bit of time to do that, I think there are important things to take, it needs deep action and clear changes, so we need to discuss what happens next, there are several reasons, it was my job, the team I did not succeed. ”

Reinhard Grindel (DFB President): “We have agreed that the sporting leadership will present a first athletic analysis to the leadership of the DFB in the course of next week, and then I also expect the coach to comment on his future. ”

Just the comments of coach Joachim Loew leave room for speculation. And they go in one direction: Löw stays. His statements are already very analytic immediately after arrival. Löw seems ready to deal with the disaster. Even if it is speculative, but hardly anyone speaks, who wants to throw up.

In addition, there would also be the time of Löw’s statement about his future. German Football Association President Grindel hinted that they were expecting a statement from Löw “over the next week”. Loew would probably save this egg dance – and spare the others – if he already knew that is over.