Estate manager denies killer of GPHA manager came through gate

Management of the Emefs Estate is denying claims a Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) manager killed there was followed from town by her killer through the gates of the estates to her bedroom.

A statement released by the company touted what they describe as watchful and resilient security personnel which makes it impossible for intruders to get access.

Sitsope Akpebu, Managing Director of the company, says the houseboy of the Josephine Asante has become the prime suspect in the case following inconsistencies in his statement to the police.

“All hands are pointing to the houseboy because his stories are not adding up because we don’t know how the person entered the house,” he told Joy News Maxwell Agbagba.

The statement comes as police have opened investigations into the death of the Marketing and Public Affairs Manager of GPHAR

The Afienya police have said Mrs Asante was found stabbed to death on Sunday dawn at her residence at Emefs Estate in Afienya near Tema

The 49-year-old mother was said to be living in her house with her son and a houseboy at the time of the incident.

According to the police, the houseboy told them he saw a strange man leaving the house at dawn.

This, Mr Akpebu disputes.  
“Contrary to speculations that an assassin or group of assassins might have followed the deceased home through the gates to commit the dastardly act, we wish to state clearly that it was not
“All Emefs Estates, namely: Lagoon View, Hill View, Palace and Gardens are walled and well protected by very watchful and resilient security personnel. 

“There was no way an assassin or group of assassins could have followed the victim into the estate without being noticed and accosted,” the company said in a press release.

The Managing Director said the houseboy’s stories are contradicting which makes him hard to believe.

“According to the police sources, they found him trying to bury some stuff – like the deceased’s watch and some amount of money – when the police go there,” he disclosed.

“As we continue to work closely with the Police to unravel the mystery, we urge all residents, business partners and other stakeholders to remain calm and go about their normal activities as investigations of the heinous crime continue,” the company warned.