Stop Blaming The Devil; Our Own Recklessness Killing Us On The Road–Lawrence Tetteh

Founder and President of the World Miracle Outreach Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, has been angered by what he describes as the unabated senseless killings on Ghana’s major roads as a result of road crashes.

Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh is, therefore, entreating Ghanaians to stop blaming the devil since most of these accidents are caused by human errors.

discouraged people from putting the blame of many of these unfortunate accidents on the devil.

He said “people’s foolishness is being attributed to the devil,” and this notion of attributing things to the spirit world not fair.

According to him, a lot of the drivers have no knowledge about the traffic regulations, road signs or have not gone through the needed training.

He added that many drivers also fail to check their health while others get intoxicated but still sit behind the wheel.

“If you look at most of the road accidents that we have suffered, it is because people are reckless, they take the law into their hands,” he stated.

Rev. Lawrence Tetteh believes regulating some of the drivers could reduce accidents in the country drastically as they are preventable but for the recklessness of some people.

“We have a collective responsibility. What is bad is bad so, if you see a drunkard when you sit in a trotro or a bus take the wheel, call the police and let them breathalyze him, it will save your life, it will save my life,” he said.
The Pastor called on the nation to wake up and put a check on some of the careless driving habits on the roads.