Kwabena Maanu died as the first Danish of coronavirus

Kwabena Maanu was known in the Danish music community as 'the man who brought African music to Denmark'. Now he's gone.

As the first in Denmark, according to his family, friends and acquaintances, he lost his life to the coronavirus the night between Saturday and Sunday last week.

62 years old.

Maanu leaves behind three adult daughters in Denmark.

- Maanu, as everyone just called him, was the cutest man in the world. He was happy and smiling, always helpful and hospitable, says journalist and debater Søren K. Villemoes, who through his father has known the generous African for years.

Herlev Hospital confirms that on March 15, they had a citizen who lost their lives as a result of coronavirus.

Not dying
The family does not want to be interviewed, but Søren has been in close contact with them and says the following on their behalf:

- They have lost their father and are very much affected by it, and now they just hope that no one else comes in the same situation.

"Their father was not dying when he was hospitalized and ended up dying of corona," says Søren K. Villemoes.

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The Ghanaian man with the big smile became known as ‘the man who brought African music to Denmark’. private photo

Blood clots But Maanu was weak in the last months of his life. He received a blood clot in the brain and lungs at the end of 2019 and he suffered a cardiac arrest. Subsequently, he was in a coma, according to Søren K. Villemoes, where he got pneumonia. – But that was how he got over. He had a disability after the blood clot in the brain, so he was going to a nursing home, but he was not as such. He was weakened and needed to build it all up.

Here, the National Board of Health answers frequently asked questions and answers about corona – what can and must you do? Potentially many infected While waiting for his nursing home, Maanu was hospitalized. Here he lay until his hospitalization with coronavirus at Herlev Hospital, where he lost his life overnight to Sunday. A legend Maanu, who came to Denmark in 1979 on his big brother’s passport, lived and breathed music. He founded the record store Shepherd’s Village in the 80s and a concert agency, and he imported music and musicians from West Africa, and he performed at the club Stengade in Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

This is what Manu looked like when he came to Denmark in 1979 and brought the African rhythms to the Danes. private photo   – If you know anything about Caribbean-African music, Manu has been a very significant and legendary man. Master Fatman Among other things, Manu has been behind a number of festivals with Master Fatman, and Finn Nørgaard, who lost his life on Krudttønden, has made a film about Manu called Soul to Soul, which is about African migration, and how African music helps to solve the African problems.

By: Marie Nørgaard